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Question for the ladies

A clubmate of mine is on the hunt for a new "supportive" (if you know what I mean) racing costume as the ones she currently wears have various clips and straps that will not be allowed in Riccione.

She is a backstroker so is looking for something high under the arms and with good "side coverage", she's apparently not too worried about the neckline at the front 'cos she can always pull it up when she gets out

Anyone out there who can make any (serious) suggestions about possible costumes?
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What's her budget?

The Speedo FS III (or whatever it is) looks to provide better support but it's for the more affluent swimmer. The closed back option it the one I'm thinking about. There were a couple of swimmers with them at Crawley / Swansea. PM me if this is of any interest and I will let you know one of the two.

I think there is an equivalent closed back TYR swim suit but I've not looked recently.
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Have never seen one in the flesh so to speak but Diana have a couple of new closed back suits -Draco & Orion- plus last years Antares that are not as expensive as Speedo or TYR . Have no idea what they are like though & you prob have to be a contortionist to get in through the arm hole!!
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Go to www.agonswim.com and have a couple made. They're cheap, excellent, cheap to have delivered and you can customise them as you wish. Mine are all high under the arms, supportive and very comfortable.
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I wear a speedo Hydrasuit but it does have a zip at the back so guess its not allowed - no-one has thrown me out of a gala yet but there is time!!
Seriously considering wearing my sports bra to keep me tucked in and streamline but they'll probably have a law against that soon.
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